Body Poppin Zine

Body Poppin Zine


This is the second zine from @jack.ashley to be published on XFEL after the sucess of 'Everything' zine. Body Poppin offers a personal and in-depth view into Jack and his families interesting ritual!

Told through photography which has been manipulated by hand with bleach, collaged & scanned to offer a unique artistic view.

Jacks words:

"Every so often my family and I engage in this ritual. We meet at my Grandmothers, have our Sunday lunch, then return to the livingroom and one by one everyone has their backs cracked. Don't ask me why, we just do. There's a primitive sort of competition amongst us, who gets the mosts cracks, the loudest sounds, who gets the most "enjoyment" from it all. Some families pull the wishbone after carving the chicken, but we crack the backbone and pop the telly on.

I guess my family is pretty weird, and that makes me pretty weird too."

Size A4
32 pages
Recycled silk
Staple bound

Body Poppin Zine Image 2 Body Poppin Zine Image 3 Body Poppin Zine Image 4
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