Kept - Paper Labels

Kept - Paper Labels


Some 25 years in the making, I present my collection of the now largely defunct spray paint ‘paper labels’.

My interest starts in preserving my own history, as most of these are from cans I used personally. They are now-discontinued colours from various cities and countries. Most were stolen, from gas stations in Sweden to hardware shops in Minneapolis’s suburbs.

On one hand, keeping the labels kept a record of the quickly changing seasonal colours; to preserve what paint I had come across. That expanded to an interest in rarer and rarer colours and brands, although I never became an old paint can collector – I always used what I had as quickly as I got it.

Over 60 vintage spray can labels, printed at 100 percent of their original size. Some including back side!

Hardcover book
88 pages
Edition of 250
Size: 29,7 x 21 cm
Stickit 2023

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