(Pre-Order) Wet Paint Book by PPOW

(Pre-Order) Wet Paint Book by PPOW


This book is for pre-order.
Order closed 31/06/22
Delivery on 15/07/22

Size: A5
100 pages
Soft cover
Full color printing
Published by Den publishing group for Television gallery

"The mischief hidden in the fury of people's minds. Brings a rebellious expression that does not want to be influenced or dictated by the rules of society. The words "wet paint" or "do not touch" makes me feel more urge to touch it. This feeling is hidden within the human subconscious but some choose to follow orders and some choose not to follow orders. Every time I see wet paint or a cement floor that hasn't dried, it creates an incentive that makes me want to touch or step on it. The basic society rules tought try to restrain my subconscious every time, but my brain and mind were always ordering me to break the rules. In this work expresses a bullish emotion, a feeling of satisfaction, a sense of fun and a thrill of doing it!"

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